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How will AskMoe increase my bottom line?

MOE takes out the guesswork of taxes, travel and take home pay. He centralizes your resources and streamlines your logistics. Short term, Moe helps you understand your bottom line before you even get on stage. Long term, you’ll find the easier it is to understand where your cash is going from gig to gig, the more eager you become on the next round to maximize your profits.

Why do I need a subscription?

Your subscription provides full access to the best of what AskMOE has to offer. You can calculate profits with ease and build out show configurations and tours to your preferred complexity. Plus, you get first access to new tool rollouts and priority for new feature requests.

Is AskMoe right for me?

Moe isn’t a stuffy record label exec. We welcome all artists here, at all stages of their professional development!


Why do I need a Touring App?

It's time to harness the powers of technology for good, for the sake of the touring artist. Say goodbye to the chaos of planning a tour and flying by the seat of your pants. Before you step on stage, AskMoe helps you take control of your finances so you can hit the road with confidence.

What are the future plans for Ask MOE?

We're here to revolutionize the artist economy and build tools that solve artist's problems, simply. Our plan is to build an ecosystem that is a central resource for managing your music business; you may have noticed some of Moe's friends and colleagues pictured around the website… you'll meet them and their expertise soon enough!

Why Ask MOE?

The music business can be cryptic, overwhelming and discouraging, but not impossible. A mentor goes a long way, and finding a manager that serves your best interest may be a long way away. So many of us are somewhere in the middle: making music with our hearts on our sleeve and trying our best to make an honest profit. That's where MOE comes in.


You make music. Ask MOE about the rest

Your music should make money. Moe agrees. Ask Moe today how to manage your bottom line with ease.