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Are you tired of accepting an offer only to find your post-show profits disappear into thin air? Whether you’re just starting to book local gigs or wrangling worldwide tours, balancing your artistry and the books can be frustrating. Finally, there’s a tool made by artists, for artists… with the central mission of empowering artists. Start saying no to predatory deals, logistics headaches and sweating the small stuff. When in doubt, Ask Moe.

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Moe ensures your next show makes you dough

Just received an offer to play a gig? Rock on! But let’s not get too hasty. Before you sign that dotted line make sure you and the band go home with some well-earned cash. Plug in your travel costs, each band member’s cut, production fees and your manager’s percentage. Then check to see if Moe is smiling. Seriously, that’s it.

Moe ensures your next show makes you dough

Effective show planning can be the key to your success

Booking a few solo gigs during the week and big band shows over the weekend? Different costs mean different profits. Add the expenses that come with each format of your performance just one time, and Moe remembers! When the next offer hits your inbox, select your show configuration and Moe fills in the band and crew’s cuts automatically so you can calculate profits with a click.

Moe helps you plan tours that take the rage out of the road

Tours are great for promoting your most recent record and growing your fan base, but you should also be able to fund your next project, pay for that coveted vintage tube amp and help stack savings for that dream house. Gearing up for the road? MOE will be the automated tour manager you’ve been craving, helping centralize all those moving parts. Place your focus where it belongs: getting to the gig and playing your heart out. This flexible tool will allow you to log all of your dates, show configurations, contacts, travel, and accommodation in one place. We’ve got big plans to make this an all-encompassing platform for everything tour management.

Take control of your cash flow to make music and money

Crunching numbers and slaying spreadsheets isn’t just for business school grads anymore. Plus, it’s no secret that these days there’s plenty of grassroots effort required as an independent musician to even get a sniff from a record label (if that’s your style). If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business. Thankfully, AskMoe’s Budget Manager will be stacked with features that demystify the art of making money as an artist.
Join us as we embark on building the AskMOE suite for creators. Transform your business, supercharge your career and unlock creative freedom.



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